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Mick Designs is a one-man army web-design agency based in Ozamiz City. Mick Designs build websites based on the latest web standards. Devoted, taking special attention to details that is intended to improve marketability and popularity of your business.

Count on my commitment to deliver HIGH QUALITY and LOW COST creative solutions. If you have any inquiry, please contact me.

  • I've worked with Mick since 2008 and he has been a go-to, know-all person to me since then. His coding is clean, his designs are exceptional, his ideas have value to the business, his work ethic is unbelievable. I recommend Mick 200%. Great service, Personal, Affordable."

    Chan Aung

    Web Development Manager, Aung-PDX Designs

  • Mick did a great job and followed up with all my request. I will have him do work for me in future."

    Ray La Foy

  • Mick has provided excellent & timely work. He always kept in communication everyday and presented his work professionally. Mick also has great communication which makes any outsource project a smooth success!"

    Quoc Le

    Great Elephant Web Hosting

  • I gave Mick a couple of projects to undertake. Although very competitively priced, which was important to us, I was more pleased to receive the drafts and samples ahead of time, and also his revisions were quick and how we wanted them. The end-results were very good quality also. I can recomend Mick to anyone."

    Rowan Foggitt

    Owner, Urban Golf and LovePrints

  • Thank you Mick for doing such a great job so quickly!"

    James Leard

    Ewareness Corporate Website Design & Development

  • MickDesigns? You will never go wrong with him! Best bang for the buck web designing, plus world class designing! What was so amazing is we did everything just discussing online!"

    Francisco de Leon

    Owner, RPMillmaker

  • Great service, great communication, and great end product. I can highly recommend Mick to anyone looking for a new website creating!"

    Paul Jones

    Director, Edit Creative



Great Elephant Web Hosting

Type of work: Interface Design, Cross-platform Compatible Email


401K Tampa Bay

Type of work: Interface Design, Cross-platform Compatible Email